We specialise in all radar and
communication equipments


The BSL Express has exclusive distribution arrangements with several manufactures for the supply of short-life items. A worldwide distribution agreement covering the whole range of radar display tubes used in radar systems manufactured by British Aerospace. (such as the Watchman), Racal, Marconi, Kelvin Hughes, Cossor, Signaal, Terma, Thorn EMI (Cymbeline) and others.

Display units and other electronic and mechanical assemblies are available for guided weapon systems, including Rapier 2000 and Swingfire. Airborne systems include head-up displays (HUD) and head-down displays (HDD) for most British, French and US aircraft. Military display units are supplied for laser rangefinders and thermal observation gunnery sights (TOGS) as used for tracked Rapier, on Marksman turrets, on Challenger II, Abrams and other armored vehicles. These CRT packages are distributed by BSL Express Spares Ltd.

BSL has exclusive distribution rights for replacement tubes for the Watchman radaractive M-1 Abrams Tank

A wide range of rugged electrostatic and magnetic CRT packages for Missile, Tank and AFV applications.