We specialise in all radar and
communication equipments


Since 1946 the British Sarozal Group has been supporting operators of major electronic systems throughout the world by supplying units, sub-assemblies and components needed to keep their systems operational. The acquisition of significant Military Naval and land spares from ordinance depots now enables us to meet the maintenance needs not only of military and civilian radar networks, communications and navigation systems and data networks, but also of satellite and guidance systems, surface and submarine systems and broadcasting networks.

Whereas tens of thousands of electronic companies disappeared during the last half century the BSL organization successfully survived due to technical and commercial expertise and reliability (our motto was "We never knowingly let anyone down"), rapid delivery, readiness to assist and giving the customers what they needed at competitive prices.

BSL History

In August 1946 BRITISH SAROZAL LTD (BSL) was incorporated as an export distributor for General Motors Lease-Lend vehicles and ancillary equipment, which remained in the U.K. after the war.

The company grew rapidly and from 1949 concentrated on marketing communications and radar equipment to buyers outside the U.K.

Since the 1960's British Sarozal have held recognised quality accreditations, initially in the form of Ministry of Defence Standard approvals, which the company holds to this day.

But later with the adoption of BS 5750, which was more general manufacturing orientated when it first originated in the late 1970's and which migrated to the International Standard of ISO 9000.

Now in 2017 the new owners plan to increase the business by maximising on the technical knowledge the company has acquired over the vast years in business.